We have always been great admirers of one of the most elegant and refined stones in Italy ... the marble Statuary!
In particular, the sinuosity of its veins that form the unique graphics that characterize this stone.
Having said that, while analysing the ceramic market, we have also noticed a very wide offer and definitely an overcrowding of proposals in this type of stone.
Since our interlocutors have always expected from us something different, spectacular and, of course, not obvious and outside the choir, hence the need, on our part, to re-interpret this stone ... Adapting it to our style always aimed at the search for design and also the challenge, as in this case, to interpret a classic marble and transform it into a modern and original product.
That's why, in the re-interpretation we gave, we went in search of the veins of the original stone, but extremeizing them and playing on contrasts of opposite effects:

DAY: with a dark grain, on a light base...

NIGHT: with a light grain, on a dark base... Maintaining the original veins of the product, but going to eliminate the grayish effect that normally has the bottom.

The idea is to make the product, therefore, even purer than it already is in reality.
The surface of the tile is slightly structured, almost to give a 3D effect and made by hand.

Glossy finish; available in the following sizes: 7.5×15 / 3×6″, 7.5×30 / 3×12″, 13.2×40 / 5×16″ and 6.5×40 / 2.5×16″ (double-fired white body wall tiles).

As proposed by the coordinated floor, we suggest our lines of porcelain stoneware already existing in the catalog, such as: "Le Crete Classic", "Konzept Le Crete: Color Moods + Shapes" and why not... also our line: "Cementine" + new floor decorations (and wall tiles) that we propose as a specific complement to this new collection.

In a word, "MARBLEOUS"!!!