The brand "Valmori Ceramica Design" is a reality that was born thanks to years of experience in the field of the founders who have become fine connoisseurs of materials, techniques, shapes, methods of construction and all that knowledge strictly necessary for the creation of ceramic tiles, in which the ceramic is not lived in its normal meaning and confined to itself, but rather, through its beauty has the presumption to impose itself right at the center of the scene.

The Art of Handicraft and Traditional Ceramics has been revisited in a contemporary, design key, adapting it to the needs of our time.

A practical and theoretical modus operandi that perfectly matches the "Valmori Ceramica Design" brand:

read ceramic in a new way and elevate it to an essential element of the aesthetics of the house.

Valmori Ceramica Design has two main projects:
a project dedicated to the "traditional ceramics"and a project dedicated to"Air