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  • We have been inspired from, probably, the most elegant and the most refined italian natural stone: The “Statuario” marble !!!
    We like, in particular, the sinuous veins of this stone…
    As well as the natural graphic combination that this stone offers.
    Said that, we are also aware that the market is pretty saturated and to give to the market, again, another “normal” option…it was not so interesting for us.
    That is why we developed, from this idea, a new “design” collection.. Where the veins are even more stressed…playing with contrasts:

    DAY: light background with dark veins

    NIGHT: dark background with white veins

    (no background grayish shadows / just cleaned and straight colors..)!
    Thanks to this original idea, our main purpose was to make this product even more pure than the natural stone!
    The surface of the material is slightly structured, to give a kind of 3D effect and an hand-made look!

    Glossy finishing; available on sizes: 7,5×15 / 3×6″, 7,5×30 / 3×12″, 13,2×40 / 5×16″ and 6,5×40 / 2,5×16″ (double-fired white body wall tiles).

    As a matching floor, we are proposing our existing porcelain ranges, such as: “Le Crete Classic”, “Konzept Le Crete: Color Moods + Shapes” and why not our “Cementine” range…
    PLUS some new matching floor (and wall) decorations…

    In one word: “MARBLEOUS” !!!